Module: ApiInterfaceV2

Type Definitions


Name Type Argument Default Description
type ApiSceneInterface#LiveTransformationType

the type of the transformation

duration Number

the duration of the transformation (when a delay is given, the delay + the duration are combined for the overall duration)

delay Number <optional>

the milliseconds after which the transformation will start

repeat Number <optional>

the number of times the live transformation should be repeated after the initial run

yoyo Boolean <optional>

if a repeat value is defined, the yoyo value defines if the alternating transformation should be performed in inverse order

parent ScenePathType <optional>

the scene path to the parent of this object, the transformation that is applied on the parent is also applied to this object

easing String | function <optional>

In case a string S is provided, the corresponding easing function TWEEN.Easing[S] will be used if it exists. The easing function may also be passed directly, e.g. one of the many provided by Tween, see also TweenExplained, or a manually defined one.

pivot Vector <optional>

a pivot as a 3D position that can be used for rotations and scaling

rotationAxis Vector <optional>

the rotation axis (necessary for ApiSceneInterface#LIVETRANSFORMATIONTYPE rotation)

rotationDegree Number <optional>

the degree of rotation (necessary for ApiSceneInterface#LIVETRANSFORMATIONTYPE rotation)

scalingVector Vector <optional>

the scaling vector (necessary for ApiSceneInterface#LIVETRANSFORMATIONTYPE scaling)

translationVector Vector <optional>

the translation vector (necessary for ApiSceneInterface#LIVETRANSFORMATIONTYPE translation)


Name Type Argument Default Description
scenePaths Array.<ScenePathType>

an array of scene paths to which to apply the transformations

transformations Array.<LiveTransformation>

the individual transformations that are applied in the order provided

reset Boolean <optional>

determines if all objects with the provided paths should be reset to their previous position at the end of the transformations


Name Type Description
responses Array.<LiveTransformationSingleResponse>

an array of LiveTransformationSingleResponse for the inidividual live transformations

stop function

a functions that stops all live transformations that were created with the original call

promise Promise

a promise that resolves when all the live transformations have finished


Name Type Description
stop function

a functions that stops the live transformation

promise Promise

a promise that resolves when the live transformation has finished

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